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Just Whelped
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Post by Flaro1522 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:56 am


I have posted about this topic once before, so sorry if you’ve read about this topic before from me. My Dutchie, Murphy, has never not had diaherria. He is now 18 months. Since I got him at 12 weeks old from the breeder he had it and after multiple...and I mean multiple trips to the vet about it, he still does. His health has never seemed effected by it, as he is almost 80 lbs. But about once every couple of months for a 3 day period, his butt sounds like an almost empty keg. For the rest of the time, his BM consistency is like mashed potatoes. He has accidents in the house once in a blue moon cause he can’t control it...but even on good days, we have mashed potatoes. The vet has checked him for EPI and it came back negative. I have spent a ton of money trying to figure this out. I have tried different foods, raw diet, grain free, supplements, Imodium at vets request, antibiotics, even prescription diet. I’m very frustrated and just long for the day I don’t have to scrape poop off the sidewalk. He does not have great nerves...not sure if that could be a factor. If anyone has seen this or has some advice, please let me know. He is an awesome dog but this is driving me nuts and it is embarrassing when he does it on walks and frustrating when he paints the walls in his crate.

Sorry so descriptive, just trying to be as truthful in my descriptions as possible.

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Green Dog
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Re: Diaherria

Post by borellar15 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:23 am

So that could be a number of things. If he been tested for intestinal parasites and that is not the case, be sure to kee his diet Consistent. If you find something that agrees with his stomach give him that and only that. Make sure he’s not allergic to chicken. If it’s chicken based food he may have allergies to chicken. Otherwise make sure everything is pretty regular. These dogs are susceptible to stress. Anything from putting their crate in a different spot, to change in activity or diet etc. you could also try the FirmUp dried pumpkin supplement. I personally like the firm up. Zoey has a very sensitive stomach and the firm up really does work. Just give a tsp every time you notice a lose stool and it seems to do the trick. Mix 1psrt with 1 part water. I’ve posted about this in the medical section.
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Re: Diaherria

Post by Mark77 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:49 am

I agree, chicken fat most likely is the culprit. It's very hard to find dog foods without it. I switched to Fromm because some of the adult dry foods don't have any chicken fat.

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