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My DS does this so I should....?

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Just Whelped
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My DS does this so I should....?

Post by Medic0678 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:28 pm

Hey all!

I have several questions actually. From the reading I’ve done here, bloodlines make a big difference in a DS’s temperment. Is anyone familiar with the Big Roy and Kimi lines? I have a daughter of this pairing. She’s friendly, active and seems to want affection ie petting. She isn’t a cuddler and we don’t try to get her to be. She’s new to us and nearly 3. We (my daughter and I) were prepared for an active dog who would want to play fetch for hours on end. She came to us with a lot of (and continued) support from the trainer. I’m simply looking for different opinions.

When throwing her toy, she returns it almost immediately. She’ll drop it in your lap or on whatever part of you is close. If you don’t pick it up fast enough, she’ll get it, in the process forgetting there is skin under the toy that she’s nipped a few times. How do I modify this behavior so she’ll drop it on the floor or not end up catching skin in the process? I have had her sit before I’ll throw it, as soon as she sits, I immediately toss it and this has seemed to help some. She is beyond adament when it comes to playing with her toys, we MUST be involved, per her.

I work night shift, she’s crated with a family member stopping by to let her out to potty after I’ve gone to work. This morning I laid on the couch to cat nap a bit. She abandoned her toy and picked up a shoe. I said Leave It! a little sharper than I intended. She immediately dropped it, came over to the couch and seemed apologetic...side bar, I know better than to humanize their behavior, it’s for descriptive purposes only. She buried her head under my arms, nosed my hand and tried to lay on me, almost insistently. When she jumped on me, I told her Down and gently moved her front half off the couch back to the floor. She stayed on the floor but pawed at me, trying to drag my hand to her. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this interaction, how to read it or how to respond to it.

Any insight would be helpful, again, I don’t have an issue with where we purchased her from, I’m just looking for different opinions from people who seem by all accounts, very passionate about this breed. Thanks!

Steve Gossmeyer
Training Dog
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Re: My DS does this so I should....?

Post by Steve Gossmeyer » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:31 am

Listen to your Trainer! He knows the dog better than strangers on the internet who can only guess on the issue

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Re: My DS does this so I should....?

Post by Joxgirl » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:12 pm

Working night shift and having an active dog is hard. I’m in that boat. I don’t have any advice. Wishing you well.
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Re: My DS does this so I should....?

Post by Dutchringgirl » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:38 pm

If you have a good trainer that you like and trust, you are better off working with them. He knows your dog and you and how you two interact and would give better advise than us who know nothing of you and your dog
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Re: My DS does this so I should....?

Post by SEL » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:07 pm

I agree about working with a good trainer.
Sounds like you have an energetic girl who loves to play and sounds like she likes affection too. My girl Idna often does what you described, ie. pawing at me or putting her nose under my arm so that I'll pet her. She's extremely social and affectionate though, so this is pretty normal with her. If she does it while I'm trying to work, I'll stop and give her a few pets and then she just goes and lies down. She doesn't keep doing it if I don't pet her. With the toy thing and getting her to let go and leave it, I trained Idna with training treats. She'll do anything for training treats and will pretty much immediately drop something and leave it to get a treat. So that worked really well.
She's gotten my hand a few times while I've been playing with her, mostly with the tug. She's just so fast and I have to be careful. She certainly doesn't do it intentionally.
I'd agree that you should listen to your trainer though. Ultimately you're going to know your dog best and know what works best for you and your dog. I've had my DS for a few years now and during that time have been fortunate to develop a great communication between us, that really helped with training.
Idna in AZ, (6 yrs)

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