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Finally a CGC!

Obedience (non-protection) discussion. We have broken the two apart.
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Green Dog
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Tell us about yourself: I was introduced to the Dutch Shepherd breed during my time as an Army veterinary technician working with Military Working Dogs. I fell in love with the breed and by pure chance happened to meet a DS in a local rescue who was a police K9 washout and was up for adoption. We adopted Zodiac right away and she has been an important part of our family ever since. We currently compete in Rally-Obedience and participate in Agility.
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Finally a CGC!

Post by ZodiacT »

Not only did Zodiac pass the Canine Good Citizen test yesterday, she did better than any of the other dogs there! I waited this long to do the test with her because when we adopted her 3 years ago she had problems with fear and dog aggression and I wanted to feel confident those issues were worked out before we took the test. Thanks to Rally she has gotten used to just ignoring other dogs and seems to have gained a lot more confidence in herself. I'm so happy :D
Hayley St.Pierre-Thomas and Zodiac RL1-AOE, RL2-AOE, CGC

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Working Dog
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Tell us about yourself: I am in New York State. Got my first DS about 14 years ago (more or less as a rescue- lost her in Nov.). After years of GSD's, and a few dogs of other breeds (Rotti/Beauceron/Ger. Shorthaired Pointer/ Yorkie and my current Jack Russell) I now have another DS, 4mo female, no name yet, tho I have a few in mind.
Also have a horse-old quarter horse mare-32.
Can't wait for all the snow to get gone! Spring is coming too slow this year!
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Re: Finally a CGC!

Post by alspyce »

That's wonderful! Congratulations!
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France
Chris Carlton/Lyric

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Re: Finally a CGC!

Post by vneerland »

ImageJudith Van Neerland Dutch Shepherds Image

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Working Dog
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Tell us about yourself: Rescued our first DS male on Dec 27, 2011. Approx 4 yrs. Rescued from NADSR. His name is Odin. Adopted a 2nd DS from NADSR June 27, 2012. Kai - 6 months.
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Re: Finally a CGC!

Post by felixone123 »

that is fantastic!! You go Zodiac!!
Barbara, Odin & Kai

leih merigian
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Tell us about yourself: Had a GSD, am getting a DS puppy in a few weeks. Compete in agility, obedience, and cross train in tons of stuff. Found out about this site from the DS Rescue yahoo list.

Re: Finally a CGC!

Post by leih merigian »

Way to go! :stickman:
leih merigian
Vrijheid's H'Geyser
Zodiac vom Younghaus (over the bridge)
Central VA (near Charlottesville)
It's never too late to have a happy childhood...

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Tell us about yourself: Have rescued and trained dogs for most of my life, rescued high drive, aggressive dogs and gave them a job to do.

I currently have a dutch shepherd I am training dual purpose and PSA (one of Katrina's pups)
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Re: Finally a CGC!

Post by WorkingK9 »

In Christ, Kimberly
KRPetz - Working K9's (http://KRPetz.com)
Metro K9's Billy Idol "K-Czar" - BH, CGC, ACAL3, TT
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