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Pitbull Lily CGC

Obedience (non-protection) discussion. We have broken the two apart.
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Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by rileynlilyspeople »

Lily, our little pittie, Riley's big sister, passed her CGC test last night :P . A lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears went into it, but we did it. We are a proud as can be. We hope to start our therapy team certification next year. One day our little girl Riley will join her and we will have a house of good canine citizens.
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Pitbull Lily CGC
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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by Schlussdibusti »

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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by Christie M »

Christie Meyer

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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by felixone123 »

:stickman: :wtg:
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leih merigian
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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by leih merigian »

Way to go!!
leih merigian
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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by feraloup »

Yayyy! Big congrats and applause! :)

My rottie/pit, Cedar was a certified therapy dog! So rewarding to do, and he excelled at it, it was truly a calling for him. I'm sure Lily will be great. :)

Good on you for working toward such a worthy goal and for knocking down the CGC milestone on your way!
Autumn Dufresne

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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by Brindle »

Congratulations !!!
Great teamwork !

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Re: Pitbull Lily CGC

Post by Marjolein »

Congratulations! :wtg:

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