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APDT Rally

Obedience (non-protection) discussion. We have broken the two apart.
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Tell us about yourself: We current own 1 Dutch Shepherd - ThunderHawk's Child of Lilith "Mazikeen"
And we have loved and lost 3 - Vrijheid's Amie "Vada", Vrijheid's Hafwen "Letty" and Sather's High On Life "Narcotic".
We train/compete in mondioring and agility.
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APDT Rally

Post by k9katet »

Here are some videos of Vada and I attempting APDT rally last weekend. On Saturday in Trial 1 we Q'd with a 192. We NQ'd in the 2nd trial - she got up on the sit stay walk around - my fault. Sunday in Trial 1 we got a 196 and 2nd place and on the 2nd trial we got a 208, first place and finished our RL1 title. I'm still in the process of teaching her the around finish. I learned alot of handling lessons and made progress each time. Rally is hard with having to read and do the signs correctly, make sure you do them in order and don't skip signs and still maintain a connection with your dog.

Saturday Trial 1

Saturday Trial 2

Not related but here's a video that I made of Letty to show what we've learned doing Susan Garrett's Recallers online course. Karl had fun putting it together.
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Kristie E
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Tell us about yourself: I have had a DS for almost a year. Gwen and I are considering participating in PSA and or possible Ring Sport. I also have a Great Dane. I have grown up around working GSDs and my last GSD was a working K9 officer. I am all about dogs and animals in general and want to learn as much as I can about training.

Re: APDT Rally

Post by Kristie E »

Yay!! :stickman:
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leih merigian
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Re: APDT Rally

Post by leih merigian »

Great job!

Geyser and I just took a Rally course, mostly to be able to work with her around other dogs, so I recognized each of the exercises you guys were doing. It was a lot of fun. Your heeling is beautiful!

Nice job with Letty, too!
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