Help North American DS Rescue earn a hefty donation!

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Tell us about yourself: I live in Metro-West Boston with my husband and our two rescued Dutch Shepherds, Marley and Minnie. He loves to nap. She loves anything involving activity. Our first rescued DS, Kaya, loved to tug. I volunteer for the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue and am a member of the NADSR BOD.

Help North American DS Rescue earn a hefty donation!

Post by cake73 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:55 pm

Heather Rolland--DS & Mal owner, dog rescue supporter, author--has penned a great story inspired by a pup that American Belgian Malinois Rescue helped North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue get to safety. Heather fostered the pup for NADSR and the rescue realized she, Peeka, was already home. The great thing about Heather's story is that she has entered it into a writing contest and if (when!) her story finishes "in the money," she will make a donatation to both NADSR and ABMR!

Why am I telling you about all of this? We need your help! Heather's story is hanging onto 3rd place today, but places have been shifting daily. To help, click the link, download the story (available in e-reader, kindle & pdf formats), and let people know about this -- email your friends and share, share, share! There are only 9 days left!

Here's a teaser!

The car shot past, drenching me with a splash of icy slush. In its wake came a frigid gust so powerful I stumbled backwards. I shook myself off, my ear tips stinging as they slapped the sides of my head. I stepped up to the curb again. Lift your chin, I silently coached myself, and wag your tail. Ears up. Another car roared into and out of sight, ripping the morning stillness in half. My head hurt. Stay visible, I told myself. Stand up. Lift your head. I limped forward, turning back to sniff the trail of blood I left on the icy-gritty pavement. My sisters cowered in the ditch, below the mountain of snow left behind by the plow truck, cringing at each passing vehicle. I stayed on the pavement, my face dark against the snowbanks, my paws burning from the ice and road salt.

Want to find out what Peeka has been up to? She's on Facebook!
Cheryl in MA, with rescued DS
Kaya, adopted January 2006 (over the bridge, September 2014)
Marley, adopted February 2008
Minnie, adopted March 2015

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