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Time change ... xST versus xDT

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Time change ... xST versus xDT

Post by icvanstra »


I have been asked why the time is an hour different on the forum....a.k.a. why doesn't it follow the change from Daylight Savings to Standard Time.

Well... The software that runs this forum is free. With things being "free" come a few little issues. This is one of them.

Different countries change make the switch from xDT to xST or vice versa on different dates. To program that into the software would be a lot of work...then throw in that it seems like every year some country in the world is changing the dates they change time on.


What to do. If the time being off by 1 hour bothers you here is the simple way to fix it. This will have to be done twice a year:

- click on User Control Panel
- choose board preferences tab
- choose edit global settings
- change Summer Time/DST is in effect: from YES to NO as needed.

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