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Quoting other posts

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Quoting other posts

Post by centrop67 »

Quoting other posts is an awesome way to help everyone understand your point. I highly encourage this.


Just hitting the quote button can get out of hand, because it copies everything, and more often than not your point gets lost. Especially when the quotes are three to four deep.

If you want to do quoting right then follow these steps:

1. Make sure you're in Full Editor and Preview mode (Quick Reply won't work).
2. Put the cursor where you want the quote to go.
3. Underneath the text entry box is a section with all the other posts in the thread.
4. Scroll to the post you want to reply to, and highlight just the text you need.
5. At the top of the post where you highlighted the text, there's a quote button - click it.
6. Boom you now have the exact quote you need to post.

Okay that's not easy on a smart phone, so what to do?

Go ahead and quote the whole post, and then delete the surrounding text that is not relevant.

Easy - peasy.

Keep up the conversations everyone. I am very happy about the activity of late, especially with quite a few new members. :wtg:
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